2nd Quiz- In What Year….?

Thanks for all the feedback on the 1st quiz, it seems to have gone down well so we’ll try and put up new quiz each Monday at 8am while the Havering Museum has to remain closed.

2nd quiz – What year?

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Disclaimer: to the best of my knowledge all the answers are correct but please let me know if there’s anything you think may be wrong.

Hopefully the lockdown won’t go on for too long and we’ll be able to compile enough questions but if you’d like to send us your questions (with answers) it would be handy to have some to fall back on and it might make the subjects a bit more diverse. Email your quiz questions to info@haveringmuseum.org.uk .

I won’t publish the answers to previous quizzes online in case it spoils the quiz for anyone new who sees it. If you are stuck you can email me at info@haveringmuseum.org.uk for the answers.

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