Advent Day 7 – Romford Market aerial photo 12th April 1927

In the run up to Christmas we’ll show some of the objects added to the Museum’s collection in the last 12 months. These objects will be on display at the Museum until we close for Christmas on 16th December.Romford Market (2)

This aerial photograph captures a snapshot of Romford Market in a bygone time. When this was taken, the livestock market still traded (the metal animal pens are visible center). At the top of the market, Laurie Hall stands beside the road; both closed in 1969, the latter to traffic and the former for demolition. An earlier victim of Romford’s road schemes, in this case widening the road, exists at the bottom right next to the road, facing up the market. This building was the original town courthouse and jail and was demolished in 1933.

Donated by Peter Owen

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