Did You Know?….Romford Stove

J__Gillray,_'The_comforts_of_a_Rumford_Stove'_Wellcome_L0019598The “Romford stove” which is mentioned in some 19th Century literature refers to a Rumford stove or fireplace as championed by Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, an Anglo-American physicist and inventor. He designed a fireplace, or altered existing ones with brick inserts, to make them shallower with a narrower, taller chimney to improve their ability to heat a room and clear/keep it smoke free.  They first appeared in the mid 1790s.



Chloe Branwhite, Havering Museum Head of Collections & Exhibitions


  1. Catherine Lodge on 18th May 2021 at 17:34

    This is a Rumford fireplace not the Rumford stove, they are two different things

    • Andrew Healey on 8th May 2023 at 01:21

      Interestingly I have just been reading the inventory of fixtures and accoutrements of an 1884 lease for a minor mansion house, in which the term ’36 inch Romford stove’ is used for a fireplace in one bedroom, and 20 inch one in a bathroom. So I gather that these terms were rather loosely used in the day.

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