Havering goes wild

If we asked you to think about what sort of wild animals you might expect to see around Havering, cheetahs are probably not one of the first animals that would spring to mind.

Yet back in the 1930s, a small band of cheetahs called Havering home. In the early days of Romford greyhound stadium, cheetah races were used to draw big crowds in.

As part of our Wild Havering month, members of our Saturday morning Kids’ Club, Havering Hedgehogs, brought big cats back to Havering for the morning by making cheetah masks.

For more information about children’s activities at Havering Museum, please see our Kids’ Zone.

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  1. Havering Museum on 24th June 2011 at 15:09

    Check this weeks Romford Recorder for another picture and more information on this Havering Hedgehog Activity.

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