Havering Hedgehogs “On the Move”.

This week at Havering Hedgehogs we took a look at our new exhibition Havering on The Move. The children were interested in seeing the film provided by London Transport Museum and enjoyed spotting the differences between travel now and in 1970 when the film was made. It seems that the main difference was in the clothes and hairstyles of the day. They also really liked looking at the model buses we have on display and were intrigued by the hop on and off feature on the Routemaster buses which was something new to them. Next we were kindly allowed a demonstration of the model railway in the foyer. This part the children loved. They enjoyed hearing how the model was put together and how much time was spent on painting each of the little figures and creating the scene as well. They were even allowed to have a go at the controls themselves which was an unexpected bonus.


Then we returned to the Learning Zone for our own transport challenge. To build a bridge using only newspaper, sellotape and two chairs. The children worked in groups with their parent to create a bridge which was then put to the test by adding a series of heavy items to test the strength of the bridge. We had many different designs, using rolled up news paper seemed to be popular to strengthen the bridge. I am pleased to say that all of our bridges passed the strength test so prehaps we have some budding engineers in our mist!

The children and parents all enjoyed the session and agreed that the Havering on the Move exhibition is great!




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