Havering Museum’s Photographic 6th Annual Exhibition

“One step past excellence!”  This was just one comment from one of the visitors who attended the launch of Havering Museum’s Photographic 6th Annual Exhibition.  There are 50 photographs printed and exhibited and over 120 displayed on the screen.

The photograph topics range from nature with beautiful pictures of animals in their natural habitat, architectural delights from around the world, amazing landscapes and portraits.

Peter Owen, the group’s facilitator, said: “Last year the Exhibition was really good and I didn’t think we could produce pictures of a higher artistic quality, but yet again we have been surprised. Photographers can sometimes be lucky and be in the right place at the right time for an outstanding picture, but many hours can be spent sitting and waiting for that ‘perfect picture’ of a sun rise or sunset or of an animal in its habitat.  This is certainly a must see exhibition.”

The exhibition runs from Saturday, 8 September – 27 October 2018.  If people would like to attend the photographic group’s monthly meetings they take place on the first Thursday of each month (£5).

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