Havering Timeline

The Havering Museum is starting to compile a Havering Timeline listing events, buildings and famous (or infamous) residents of our Borough.

If the novelty of the X-Box wears off and the kids are driving you up the wall, why not set them a little research work and ask them to find out as much as the can about the history of their school and send it to us.  We’ll try and add their story and any pictures to the timeline. We are happy to use group research, so friends, classmates or whole schools are welcome to collaborate and submit their history.

If anyone, youngsters or adults wants to write about any of our buildings, clubs, pubs, places of worship, residents or events we’d be pleased to consider them for inclusion in the timeline. There is a limited amount we can add so not everything will get in but we’ll do our best.

We do have to be careful about infringing copyright so please don’t just copy and paste someone else’s work but we can add links to other websites if there is useful information there.

We can also add pictures if they are suitable but again please make sure you own or have the copyright owner’s permission. Where necessary we are quite happy to acknowledge any copyright in the caption or watermark on the image.

You can see the Havering Time here: http://bit.ly/2mikysm

Any articles can be emailed to: HaveringTimeline@gmail.com

You can drag the slider at the bottom of the timeline to the year of your choice or just wait a few seconds and the timeline will scroll through and show each story as it appears n the timeline.

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