Just to let you all know that although the Museum remains closed to visitors, we are still working on future planned projects and exhibitions. For example, The Havering Hoard and the History of British Comics and American Comic Heroes.

These will be coming to the Museum as soon as possible when the country gets back to some sort of normality. All the news will be featured  on our website, so keep an eye on and try to our new Quiz Time that was recently launched.

We have also planned to ensure there are regular features being displayed on the TV monitors in the Galleries and Exhibition Room. The latest we had hoped to show visitors was a pictorial celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Museum, that was officially opened on 26th May 2010.

Finally, our message to all our visitors and friends is to Stay Safe and Stay Well…and WASH THOSE HANDS!

Peter Stewart ……Chairman, Havering Museum

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