Royalty in Havering

Over the next two weeks Havering Museum will be excitedly preparing for the opening of its next temporary exhibition Royalty in Havering. This exhibition is inspired by the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June this year.

Did you know Edward III visited Havering 30 times during his reign? Discover this and other interesting facts about Havering’s long standing connection to royalty this Spring at Havering Museum.

This family friendly display explores life at Havering’s Tudor Palaces considering all aspects of Tudor life including: fashion, food and life style. A section which makes a fascinating read.

Discover how Havering’s residents celebrated royal festivities in recent memory as well as throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. This includes information on Coronation and Jubilee celebrations from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II.

Havering Museum has been asking residents from the local community to donate their own items related to royalty for the length of the exhibition. These objects will be on display in the Museum.

There are a variety of Family Fun events to support the Royalty in Havering Exhibition throughout May and June. For more information see Havering Museum’s Spring into Summer Programme .

The exhibition opens on Saturday 14 April 2012 at 11 am. All are invited to attend the exhibition launch, standard museum entry fee applies.

Royalty in Havering will open from Saturday 14 April 2012 to Saturday 23 June 2012. For more information phone the Museum on 01708 766 571, or look at the Royalty in Havering exhibition Poster

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    We even have the figure of Henry VIII i Central Park, Harold Hill which we mention on our blog at

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