The Role of Museums in the Community

As part of our work experience and intern programme, participants are asked to critically think about what the role of a museum is in the community. Hopefully, after spending a week or two with us, they have a better idea of what museums should and can do. Here is our recent work experience student’s assessment:
A museum is somewhere that stores and exhibits objects of historical, scientific, artistic and cultural interest. The main role of the Museum is to provide information and preserve items.
I think museums can play a vital role in the community as they provide us with key information on what or who has made a town or city the way it is today.
A museum allows you to see how people lived many years ago. You are able to see how fashion has changed, how styles in homes has changed, and how local industry has changed.
Museums are valuable to the community as they not only hold local history, but attract tourists and visitors from elsewhere. This means the whole community benefits.
Today, many are Museums are largely charity based organisations which rely on public and business funding. This encourages wider community engagement, whereby mutually beneficial partnerships can be formed between museums and local businesses.
Chloe Bugela, Barking & Dagenham College student.

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  1. James Byron on 31st December 2016 at 18:44

    Absolutely phenomenal place. Its a shame the youngsters do not show more of an interest, they might learn a thing or two.

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