Titanic Raffle

On 1st September, the last day of the Titanic: Honour & Glory Exhibition, the Museum held a special raffle to celebrate the great success of the exhibition.

 Shirley Smith, one of the Friends of Havering Museum, won the replica Heart of the Ocean necklace as worn by actor Kate Winslett in the blockbuster 1997 film, and Keith Martin, won the Titanic oil painting. 

This was the last opportunity to see the exhibition so everyone rushed in on the day.  Peter and Ellen Owen gave free guided tours and brought the story of the Titanic to life for the children.  

The Museum’s Visitors Book showed comments like:

“Absolutely marvellous; Delighted with the exhibition; Terrible disaster but interesting exhibition with the local connections. Had a super time and especially enjoyed by the grandsons. Excellent, great staff, thank you.”

The hard work from the Museum’s volunteers certainly paid off.  The story of the Titanic with its local connections and the sharing of people’s stories has helped everyone to better appreciate the tragedy, but also how it has improved safety at sea.  

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