V.E. Day Party

Apart from the many celebrations going on in every major city in the UK to commemorate Victory In Europe Day, in May 1945, most local towns and villages throughout the country had their own street parties.

Most families joined in the fun, but not all. It should be remembered that thousands of husbands, boyfriends and family members were still fighting the Japanese in Burma and the Far East.

These pictures of children enjoying their VE Day Party, in Springfield Gardens, Upminster, then part of Essex, are typical of families relaxing and enjoying the long-awaited peace after nearly six years of the horrors of the Second World War.

The little girl with the bow in her hair, turning to face the camera in the picture of the kids enjoying cakes and pop, was then 11-years-old. She is now Mrs Pamela Wilkes, Company Secretary and Director of Havering Museum, in the High Street, Romford.

Pamela said I can remember so many ladies coming out of their houses with plates of cakes, sandwiches and jellies which we all enjoyed!

My Mum and Dad were both there – Dad had been very busy in the Home Guard, and some of his items have been given to the Museum.”

Mrs. Wilkes was married to Ian, one of the founder members and for seven years Chair of the Board of Directors. Sadly Ian died in 2015, but like Pamela who came through the War years to become a highly respected council official in Havering he left behind a huge legacy that is remembered by all at the Museum and many throughout the Borough.

This story along with other V.E. Day articles are featured in this week’s Romford Recorder.

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