Who is Evelyn Sharp?……solved

We get many emails sent to us at the Havering Museum with questions about Havering and its residents, many we can answer or at least point people towards someone who may be able to help them. Yesterday we had someone ask how the road, Evelyn Sharp Close got its name. With limited access to our reference books and Google not seeming to be much help we wondered if there was anyone out there who could tell us about Evelyn Sharp.

We found out the post code shows as either RM2 6BH or RM2 6RU and it is the only road with that name in the UK. What else can you tell us?

I suppose it also leads on to the question of what other road names are unique to Havering?

You can use the comments option below or email us with any information you may have about Evelyn Sharp.

With thanks to Peter C. for asking the question.

Peter managed to find the answer himself and it turns out that she was Baroness Sharp. Her link with Havering was as president of the London and Quadrant Housing Trust who run the retirement home, Evelyn Sharp House, in the close.

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