When Emmeline Pankhurst founded the Women’s Social and Political Union in 1903, it was start of a revolution that changed our political world forever. Fifteen years later, on 6th February 1918, British women over the age of 30, and owned a certain amount of property, were given the right to vote.

It would take another 10 years and much campaigning until the vote was extended to all women, when the Equal Franchise Act was passed.

To mark 100 years of women’s suffrage in Britain, and including those campaigners from Havering and the local area, Dr. Ian Browne has made Suffragettes the subject of the Reminiscence Group meeting on Friday 16th March. The Reminiscence Group is for over 50’s and they meet every Friday from 1.30pm-3.30pm. Cost £3.00 includes refreshments.

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