Kingston Smith sponsors Havering Museum Remembers Them

02 November 2018

HAVERING MUSEUM REMEMBERS THEM!       sponsored by                         …

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A question for the film buffs …… Full Metal Jacket

01 October 2018

I’ve just had this question sent into our email account, does anyone know the answer?  Around 1985-86 part of the…

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Havering Museum’s Photographic 6th Annual Exhibition

26 September 2018

“One step past excellence!”  This was just one comment from one of the visitors who attended the launch of Havering…

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Dagnam Park Exhibition

22 September 2018

As many of our heritage buildings and parkland disappear and become forgotten, the Dagnam Park Exhibition currently at the Museum,…

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Titanic Raffle

07 September 2018

On 1st September, the last day of the Titanic: Honour & Glory Exhibition, the Museum held a special raffle to…

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29 August 2018

HAROLD HILL GRAMMAR SCHOOL REUNION AND BOOK LAUNCH 13th October, Noon – 5.00 p.m. at Ashwells Country Club, Ashwells Road,…

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Award Winning Boss of Respondit Supports the Museum

27 August 2018

  A helping ‘digital hand’ made huge difference to Havering Museum, when local company Respondit decided to support the Museum…

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Clemence Hoar Cummings – Local Company Support

25 August 2018

For the third year running Clemence Hoar Cummings have decided to sponsor Havering Museum’s Variety Club for the Over 50s.…

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